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I am a free-spirited outlier enamored with life, and I think life is more fun when you color outside the lines. I approach life with playfulness, curiosity, and a sense of wonder.

As a Board-Certified Positive Psychology & Mindfulness Coach, Intuitive Coach, and Spiritual Advisor, I support people seeking more joy, peace, and purpose in life. The clients who choose me are often stressed and exhausted by society telling them how they “should” be and are seeking to discover who they are and what they want for themselves. Through coaching, they find clarity and a vision for themselves of their creation. As a Relationship Coach, I help individuals build confidence, develop interpersonal skills and communicate more effectively in personal and professional settings. For couples, I support those seeking to create a stronger partnership, understand one another better, and resolve conflicts in a loving way.

Last, I am a Book and Creativity Coach supporting both fiction and non-fiction writers in completing and publishing their work. I am a presenter, multi-genre author, multimedia content creator, professional writer (including ghostwriting), podcast producer, and voiceover artist.

I live in Southwest Florida with my husband and an abundance of pets. I find joy in nature, travel, theater, music, and the arts, and I am known for singing and dancing around the living room at any hour of the day or night. It’s so good to meet you.


NOTE: I am proud to be partnered with SPRING HEALTH as a Health and Wellness Coach and BetterUp as a Care Coach. If your company is in either of these networks, you are welcome to find me through their coaching directory and book a session with me. Areas in which me might work together include relationships & communication, mindfulness & stress reduction, career & purpose, and writing & creativity.

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Hope, Clarity & Purpose

If you are seeking greater clarity in life, join me for one power-packed intuitive brainstorming session that blends traditional coaching with spirituality for defining your purpose, untangling problem areas in your life, building self-awareness and personal power, and creating a clear roadmap for the future.

Peace, Confidence & Joy

If you want to experience less stress and more peace and joy in your life, or are seeking more confidence, healthier relationships and support in actualizing your unique purpose, work with me for 6 sessions. We will create a mindfulness strategy for becoming more centered, with actionable steps for creating the life you want.

Tell Your Story

Do you have dreams of writing a book but haven’t done it yet? Work with me for 6 months. We will develop a plan to help you find your unique voice, stay motivated, and feel supported from start to publication. (Are you a musician, artist, presenter or podcaster seeking a creative coach? Talk to me.)

What if the “shoulds” in your life didn’t exist?

What would your life look like if all the “shoulds”, “coulds” and “woulds” were gone?
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It Had to Be You

If I Didn’t Care

The Data Collectors Trilogy (Complete Series)



Contact me if you are seeking a voiceover artist, audiobook narrator, podcast producer, audio editor, or video creator/editor for social media.


Contact me for ghostwriting, educational workshops, web content, white papers, articles, scripts, or presentations.

Find Your Voice

Do you have an idea for a podcast, Udemy program, or YouTube video series and need setup support? Contact me for step-by-step guidance.


for personal and professional growth.


Blog Posts, Videos and Podcasts with tips and tricks to help you grow into your authentic self.
Newsletter: Book and Coaching Updates in 2024!
Newsletter: Book and Coaching Updates in 2024!

Greetings, friends! For the past year, I have been partnered with SPRING HEALTH and BetterUp, two pivotal companies who offer...

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Affirmation for Self-Compassion, Acceptance and Forgiveness

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I have had the pleasure of having an Intuitive Coaching session with Danielle. I sent her some questions beforehand (having to do with my life's purpose). We started the session in the traditional way, with Danielle asking questions and guiding me to help ME find the answers within. When we hit on something that she had intuitively felt, she was able to add to the discussion which validated the direction of the conversation. I walked away from the session feeling wonderful and lighter.


I have had numerous coaching sessions with Danielle Palli and I looked forward to every single session! She made me feel calm, comfortable and gave me space/time to think, breath or reflect depending on what was needed. As much as I thought I was "all over the place" she helped me focus on what I knew was the most important and always left the session with something I realized I wanted to do, and I broke it down it a very small attainable step. She has the positive and accepting demeanor.


I loved Danielles coaching sessions! They were very enlightening and opened my eyes to new coaching possibilities. She encouraged me to explore new marketing strategies for growing my online coaching program. Danielle supported me throughout the entire process and motivate me by acknowledging how valuable it was that I translated my program for an English-speaking audience and brainstorming the best way to present it. Thank you so much, Danielle!


My coaching experience with Danielle was very positive. She established a calm and centered atmosphere and encouraged me to set priorities appropriately. I was able to follow through on the goals we set in ways that were congruent with my values.


Danielle is a natural coach. She is very good at patiently listening, asking questions that get to the core of the matter, and guiding me to discover my own solutions. I've gotten so much from our work together. She is a gem!


Danielle's coaching prepared me for my best weekend in customer service. I had a different attitude and felt empowered and fearless. I decided to enjoy people and go with my intuition.


Danielle brings a sharply intuitive, relatable set of tools and disciplines, all held beneath a wide umbrella for her client experiences. Her insights and guidance let me break through blocks and emotionally strengthen my showing up in my own life. There is a beautiful return on my self-investment!


One of the most important ingredients to a successful coaching session is knowing that the coach is not judging you. Also, the coach must assess the best path for success while, at the same time, use their own skill to pull the pathway out of you, rather than design it for you. Danielle is especially skilled at making you feel safe to say anything you need to say and in also helping you make sense of goals and how you're going to get to them. Compassionate and caring, Danielle makes you feel secure.