A Fractured Starter Guide

A Fractured Starter Guide
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An Interview with Sci-Fi Author and Transformation Coach, ishKiia Paige

The book is definitely multifaceted. But I never wanted to write a book…never aspired to write a book. But people have told me so many times, “You have to write a book about your life.” And I’d say, “I don’t, really.”

In my life, “no” was never part of my vocabulary, so I would try just about anything. I’ve done world tours to represent the United States and martial arts. I’ve worked in the engineering world and was in a research center implementing complex systems software. Some of the things I have done were just crazy. And then people would say, “Well, then you had all of these bad experiences. It’s amazing how you overcame them.”

[Note: Including being told years ago that she was going to die in less than three months…Spoiler, she’s still here!]

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it. You can hear it a million times, and then someone says it one time and something resonates inside. And that’s what happened. I suddenly had this knowing. “I have to do this. I’m going to write a book about my life.”

But, I just didn’t want to relive it. I lived it once. I’ve had plenty of great experiences, plenty of bad experiences. And I would just rather live in the “now.” But then I finally came to a compromise, and I thought, “Well, with what I’ve learned in my life, it isn’t worth shit unless I share it.” But I didn’t want to preach. I came to the conclusion that I would write this book, but I wanted people to learn by having fun. I wanted them to read a story, an adventure. But I didn’t want them being preached at, or feeling like they’re being told to believe something; because there’s an alchemy there, people are different.

Q: There are many layers to Fractured, but to start, can you give us a surface level description as to what it’s about?

Well, on, on a surface level, there a main character Zreyas Rittak. He comes from a race called the Janquar Nation, and he has a brother. He doesn’t realize that he actually loves his brother dearly [“Love” is an emotion not common to their culture]. They are a very waring nation. They don’t show emotion. It’s all about killing. It’s all about making their horns grow from the kills and the bad intentions that go along with it. When they kill, their horns grow longer, and they mold them [as a sign of power.] But I didn’t start with the main character. I wanted you to get invested in two other important characters first, Ayya and Aru, so you could understand what’s behind the main character. Otherwise, he and the story would seem too shallow.

ishKiia Paige: Author, Narrator, Coach



FRACTURED: Where Science Fiction meets Fantasy for an Epic Transformational Journey

Zreyas Rittak is second in line to be Emperor of the Janquar Nation. He harbors a weakness for his brother, and he will do anything to ascend to the throne in order to protect him. But his universe crumbles and all his plans are derailed when an anomaly helps the Dark One escape from his once-hidden dimensional prison. Chaos ensues when fractures crack the skies. Zreyas takes extreme measures to protect his brother and ends up being hunted by his own people. Can he adapt to his new circumstances and protect his brother from the Dark One? Will his primitive weapons and skills be enough in a world of advanced technology he isn’t accustomed to?


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