FREE COURSE (LIMITED TIME): Overcoming Stress, Building Personal Power & Finding Joy

FREE COURSE (LIMITED TIME): Overcoming Stress, Building Personal Power & Finding Joy
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Greetings, friends!

My colleague Dr. Marci Leveridge, Ph.D. and I created a Udemy course distilling the basics in stress reduction, building confidence and deciding how we want to show up in life, along with gentle reminders on how to cultivate more joy, day to day.

Just for you, we’re offering you this course for FREE through Aug. 31, 2023 for a limited number of students. Once enrolled in this Udemy course, you will have free lifetime access.

We invite you to watch the promo video and read the description below. If this resonates with you, then click on the link at the bottom of the page for access.

Course Description: This course is for you. We aim to help you be the best version of yourself, to be that person who can be resilient in the face of stress, who can find joy in life. Using both individual presentations and professional dialogue, this course will help you understand the nature and sources of stress in your life. We will present specific content about how to develop your personal identity and resilience, as well as specific skills and activities that you can use to meet the everyday challenges of life. Educational materials are balanced with skills development; we include both written exercises to help you think creatively about the concepts covered and experiential activities, such as meditation, relaxation, and guided imagery.

Some basic concepts of Positive Psychology are woven into this course. This school of thought emphasizes what is going right with people, and as professionals, we want to help you build on that. We want to help you go beyond just coping, or getting by—we want you to THRIVE! In a world that seems filled with bad news, frightening changes, and people drawn into negative, opposing camps, we offer an alternative. It’s not an antidote; we can’t make the bad stuff disappear. But we offer a different viewpoint, a set of skills that can help you to realistically access the positives within yourself and find glimpses of good in the world. We welcome you to a journey toward your best self.


  • Note: If you are an existing Udemy student, you can also go to the course and use the code JUSTFORYOU73123 at checkout.

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